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The Shroud Codex
Zanna Majerle
Learn the Mystery

The Shroud Codex unravels the author’s theory about the origins of the Shroud of Turin utilizing new physics of quantum entanglement. Fascinating!!

The book is super cute and my son loves it. It is a hard book to find and Marissa’s Books & Gifts has the best price.

Love this book and really love the customer service at Marissa’s Books & Gifts.

A Marvelous Work and a Wonder

I can’t believe how new this book is! Great shape, fast shipping. Very pleased, thank you!

I absolutely 💯 love my new origami book! It arrived fast and in perfect condition!!! I love how the origami paper that was included with the book has fold guide lines on it!!! That is so cool! I'm very happy with my purchase!!!

I'm sooooo happy to find a copy of this book that is brand new!!! "To Catch a Pirate" is my all-time favorite book! My only complaint is that their is a line crossing out the bar code on the back of the book, which isn't very aesthetically pleasing. However, other than that mark over the bar code, the overall condition of my book is perfect!

Love my new origami book!!! It arrived fast and in perfect condition!!! I love how, at the very back of the book, it included some origami paper to use!!!

Dragon's Song

My grandson has us read it to him at least 5 a day.

Cars 3

Great book and in great condition. Hard to find these books. My son loves this book store

Love. We’ve become regulars for this book store

Classic 1000 Dessert Recipes

Great cookbook. Lots of recipes to try. Love this book.

Jacques Torres year in chocolate cookbook

Great book. Lots of recipes and pictures just the way I like it.

Happy Little Girl

I bought this ballerina sticker book handbag for my nieces little girl. Needless to say she loved it. It not only had tons of stickers but it also had cut out/ punch out little girls with clothes and accessories to put on them. There were also places you could color you own ballerina costumes too. Great purchase.

Excellent book! Practical advise, not so clinical. Common sense that encourages us with anxiety disorders to give us more tools to use in every situation to control our anxiety.

i love my book. its easy to read and understand.

to me its new to work with lunar calender and gem stones. I learned about zodiac stones and healing benefits.


Good price on a hard to find book, fast shipping and packaged very well.

Throne of Glass Series Original Paperbook Set

I was thrilled to receive this set. To start they called and verified my purchase. When I received the package like it was brand new and bought from the store directly. Packaged great. I will be purchasing from the store again.

Dune (Dune, Book 1)

This is in great condition and was shipped at a reasonable speed.

Safari Animals
Charles Bolling

I bought this book with my great grand sons and when I presented it to them they simply love it.

Beautiful copy of this classic….excellent
condition….actually brand new condition


Purchased for a gift

Beautiful book!!!

Incredibly cute. Gave as a gift for baby’s baptism with a book. Nice seller