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Posted on November 04 2018

Marissas Bookstore

Out goes Blockbuster and in moves, Marissa’s Bookstore, where more space is a welcome and much-needed adventure for the many used, new, and vintage books received to the location.

With multiple genres and selections, there’s a treasure there to be found by everyone that visits the eclectic and cozy store.  If you’re looking for another space to call your second home or a first, this is the place to go. There are sitting areas, with elegant furniture and lighting, to snuggle you right in with a good book, beckoning you to stay for a while.

The vintage area is a breathtaking favorite with classic titles that have worn pages, and the authentic smell of age, dating anywhere from 1904 on up. A bit of gold from the literature-loving and antique searching hearts. A lovely sitting area welcomes you to relax and take it all in.

As you walk through the door, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the expansion of books throughout the store. A huge selection of non-fiction titles, greet you on the left side. Anything from philosophy to business, or gardening and cooking, there are lots of topics waiting for a new owner.  

  For the sci-fi and fantasy lovers, head to the back of the store and you’ll see a giant selection of both paperback and hardcover books, that will make your mouth water. A true crime, comic book, horror, and Stephen King area will also greet you there.

You like fiction?!

The right side of the store is stocked with trade, hardcover, and paperback books in all genres. Mystery, classics, romance, contemporary, suspense, and Newberry and Caldecott Winners are shelved in alphabetical order.

Let’s not forget about a wide variety of young adult, middle grade, and children’s picture books. They’re filled daily with new titles and favorites like Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney and The Paper Magician by Charlie Holmberg.

Marissa’s Bookstore is an experience for all ages, that will be the start of something special for years to come.