The 6 Best Books for A 12 Month Old Baby

by ThoughtLab Marketing on February 28, 2022

Reading is such a vital step in a baby’s education and books provide things that other mediums just cannot. Reading to your child before they enter preschool or school will give them a leg up in so many ways. 

For example, reading helps a child develop basic language skills, increases their vocabulary, and helps them gain confidence. Not to mention, it instills a sense of fond memories and bonding between child and parent. Plus, there’s nothing quite like the first books you read to your baby. 

Now unless you’re raising a super genius, at 12 months old your child is likely not reading yet. However, it’s important that you don’t neglect reading to them at this formative age. 

For their overall development, it’s important to give your child as much exposure to books as possible. They will still get immersed in the vibrant illustrations, delighted by the fanciful stories, and encouraged to appreciate reading as they age.

When trying to find the best books for a 12 month old however, it can be difficult to strike a balance between entertaining pop-up books and classic nursery rhymes they’ll grow into. The good news? You don’t have to choose. 

A one year old child should have a variety of books, from bright pop-ups that introduce your kid to reading to timeless tales they’ll cherish forever. Discover our recommendations for the best books for a 12 month old baby below and get ready to make story time even better. 


The Top Baby Books For A One Year Old Online


#1 - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Give your baby their very first book of nursery rhymes! Perfect for a growing one year old, this vibrant interactive book contains 4 charming nursery rhymes with 4 fun sliding movements that make every page come alive.

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#2 - Babies In The Wild

Take your child on an enchanting adventure through the thrills of the jungle. In this classic pop-up book you'll find all kinds of baby animals, simply lift the flaps to explore the rainforest with tiger cubs Tippy and Tango. With educational tales and flaps, babies will learn to engage with reading materials in an exciting new way.

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#3 - My First Birthday

A wonderful keepsake to commemorate your child turning one! This cheerful collection of colorful images and simple words provides the perfect introduction to the fun and festive symbols of a birthday celebration. Included are words such as candle, cake, gift, and balloon. The little size and sturdy pages make this sweet book perfect for little hands. Happy Birthday!

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#4 - Classic Treasury Nursery Rhymes

This beautiful hardcover book is a charming collection of famous nursery rhymes, first poems, songs and fairy tales for young children to treasure forever. Every story included in this book has been enchantingly illustrated to make reading fun and entertaining for kids. 

With ten sections to discover, from best-love folk tales to sing-a-long songs, explore beloved classics like Old Macdonald had a Farm, Monday's Child, Little Boy Blue, Ring-a-ring o' Roses and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, To Market, to Market, One, Two, Buckle my Shoe, and Star Light, Star Bright.

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#5 - All About Peter Rabbit

Say "hello" to Peter Rabbit with this shaped board book, perfect for little hands! Spend a day with Peter Rabbit in this shaped board book as Peter plays outside, meets up with friends, and finally gets ready for bed. Cute rhyming text and rabbit-shaped pages make this a new classic book for the smallest fans of Beatrix Potter, and a perfect introduction to the classic world of Peter Rabbit.

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#6 - Baby Einstein: Mirror & Me

Who is that in the? It's me! Come play and explore with your friends. Bright illustrations will engage your child while the mirror in each scene brings them right into the story. With sturdy pages perfect for little hands and interactive story pages that look different every time you make a new face in the mirror, this book is sure to provide plenty of educational fun.

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