It’s Never Too Early to Start Reading to Your Baby

by Cindy Dumas on September 16, 2019

It’s Never Too Early to Start Reading to Your Baby

For new mothers, one of the top 5 questions asked is “how early should I start reading to my baby”? The answer: As soon after birth as possible.

As we all know, nothing is more important to a mother than bonding with her newborn baby, and what better way than to hold her child close while reading or singing to her. So many benefits can be had by reading to your baby, which in turn will encourage her to read on her own.        


Other benefits include:


  • A proven boost of brain power for babies who are regularly read to, which also places them on a path to Early Learning according to Fisher Price. Cuddling close to mother gives baby a safe, snuggly place to enjoy the soothing sound and rhythm of mom’s voice.
  • By ages 3-6 months your child will enjoy, and respond to Sounds and seeing her face in the Mirror. Music and Sound along with Touch & Feel Books are now appropriate for your baby. This too is a perfect time to introduce Baby Board Books that incorporate fur, and mirrors, as well as bumpy and smooth textures. These books are easily held by tiny hands and durable for long lasting fun.
  • By ages 6-12 months your child will enjoy hearing you sound out and name Baby Animals, Pictures, Colors, and Shapes. At this age parents should incorporate Push Button Sound Books, Bathtub Books, and Finger Puppet Books, which are fun, interactive options that promote Learning thru Play.

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