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Wildfire and The Heritage of the Desert: Two Complete Novels

From Zane Grey, legendary writer of the West: two complete novels in one low-priced edition WildfireHorse hunter Lin Sloan never wanted anything more than the wild stallion he called Wildfire. Lucy Bostil found the horse and the unconscious man who had roped him. She saved both their lives, taking Sloan's heart in the process. Now another man wants Lucy and the horse—and will kill to get them.Heritage of the DesertJohn Hare is dying in the desert until he is discovered and saved by the generous rancher, August Naab. As Hare gets back to health on Naab's ranch, he's irresistibly attracted to Naab's adopted daughter, Mescal. But Mescal is being pursued by Holderness, a man who is not to be trusted. Hare is soon drawn into a web of adventure and intrigue over land, water—and the heart of a beautiful woman.This edition of the book is the deluxe, tall rack mass market paperback.

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Zane Grey
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