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War in Heaven: Taking Your Place in the Epic Battle with Evil book Marissa's Books & Gifts

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War in Heaven: Taking Your Place in the Epic Battle with Evil

Could spiritual warfare be an essential part of God's plan for each of us?It's a battle that's been going on since soon after the beginning of time. What began as one archangel's rebellion set the course for all of humanity, unleashing a war of epic proportions. The answers to the basic questions of evil are rooted in this battle, as is the significance of Jesus' stunning victory over Satan on the cross. This heavenly war is all-encompassing, and no part of life remains untouched by it.In this expanded edition of his classic text, bestselling author and Bible teacher Derek Prince explores the inner workings of this intense conflict. His accessible, in-depth exploration will help you identify the devil's unchanging tactics, seize your biblical weapons and learn to wage war against the forces of evil around you. Now includes study questions for even more in-depth study and application.Don't wait. It's time to take your place in the battle—and declare victory.

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