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Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC 9780975862421 The Ten Year Date: Sex, Secrets, And Lies
Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC 9780975862421 The Ten Year Date: Sex, Secrets, And Lies

Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC

The Ten Year Date: Sex, Secrets, And Lies

How does a woman get a man to commit after ten long years of just “dating?” Does she withdraw her sweet honey hive from her date? Does she make herself unavailable when he wants to go out to dinner, or to the movies? Does she reinvent herself and make her “ten year date” feel like he's dating a “new” woman? All of these changes might work for the regular guy, but Kevin Dean Walker, the man with big hands, the man with big feet, and yes, big in all the right places, is going to need a stronger element of persuasion. Magic is the only tool that Channa Renée Jones has in her back pocket to make Mr. Do Wrong become Mr. Do Right. But when a woman tricks a man against his will, there is a bigger price to pay than just getting a commitment. In The Ten Year Date, protagonist Channa Renée Jones is back with a brand new set of challenges that will test her faith in ways she never imagined. We were first introduced to Ms. Jones in Sunshine Has Rain, Sherrance Henderson's debut novel. We remember Channa as the self-absorbed diva who took readers on an emotional rollercoaster ride as we watched her seemingly perfect world come crashing down all around her, following a series of tragic events. In The Ten Year Date, it appears all is well in Channa's world once again, that is until she misreads and manipulates her relationship with the handsome and mysterious Mr. Kevin Dean Walker; the tall, sexy hunk of burning love she has been dating without a commitment for nearly a decade. The real Mr. Walker finally makes his appearance after Channa accidentally discovers his “secret,” thrusting readers to the edge of their seats as this steamy page-turner begins to sizzle before the readers' eyes. This titillating read of dead-end relationships and lying lovers is being hailed as the “relationship bible” for women everywhere. It's also the subject of talk radio and book clubs around the country. This novel appeals to people from all walks of life, because its message of safe sex and the need for honest and loving relationships is universal.


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Sherrance Henderson
Imperious Pub Llc
December 31, 2006