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Marissa's Books & Gifts 9780062392589 Take Me All The Way: A Coral Cove Novel

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Take Me All The Way: A Coral Cove Novel

Tamra Day Swore Off Men A Long Time Ago. Her Art, Her Friends, And Her Garden Have Always Been Enough...until Now. Suddenly, Tamra Is Aching For A Connection. Unfortunately, Coral Cove's Most Eligible Bachelor Is The Troublemaker Who's Building The Mini-golf Course She's Designing. Brusque And Sarcastic, He's Made A Habit Of Annoying Tamra. But More Infuriating Is The Fact That Tamra Can't Help Noticing How Sexy He Is. They Call Him A War Hero, But Jeremy Sheridan Knows Better. Still Haunted By Painful Memories From Afghanistan, He's Just Hoping For A Fresh Start. So Far, The Only Problem Is His New Boss, Tamra, A Control Freak Who's Easy On The Eyes--and Way Too Fun To Tease. Despite Their Differences, Tamra And Jeremy Aren't As Alone As They Think They Are. And Together, With A Little Coral Cove Magic, They'll Discover How Good It Feels To Embrace A Bright New Future.--page Of Cover

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Toni Blake