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Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC 9780312262518 Rhett Butler's People

Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC

Rhett Butler's People

Through Rhett's Eyes We Meet The People Who Shaped His Larger Than Life Personality As It Sprang From Margaret Mitchell's Unforgettable Pages: Langston Butler, Rhett's Unyielding Father; Rosemary His Steadfast Sister; Tunis Bonneau, Rhett's Best Friend And A Onetime Slave; Belle Watling, The Woman For Whom Rhett Cared Long Before He Met Scarlett O'hara At Twelve Oaks Plantation, On The Fateful Eve Of The Civil War. Of Course There Is Scarlett. Katie Scarlett O'hara, The Headstrong, Passionate Woman Whose Life Is Inextricably Entwined With Rhett's: More Like Him Than She Cares To Admit; More In Love With Him Than She'll Ever Know --publisher Description. Donald Mccaig. Sequel To Margaret Mitchell's Gone With The Wind.
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Donald Mccaig
St. Martin's Press
December 31, 2006