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Mad About Bread: Luxury Loaves Even a Beginner Can Make - Marissa's Books

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Mad About Bread: Luxury Loaves Even a Beginner Can Make

It's breads for all seasons! Uniquely the book was tested through a year of seasonal produce. Every loaf is pictured in colour and even beginners can now succeed. Home baking is growing because the results are exceptionally rewarding. Catch Diana's enthusiasm for home baking, which is about love, flavours and texture that can't be bought. Once a baker, there's no going back - and the word is spreading fast that it's a seriously rewarding experience. This is not just a bread book. It's a lifestyle title that travels beyond the perfect loaves. There are sandwich loaves and fancy loaves, flat breads and pizza, speciality rolls and delicious sweet muffins. And every recipe gives you such clear and straightforward instructions that you just can't go wrong. You can understand almost intuitively why your customers will buy this book. We all know that baking is a strong and growing book market. Yet in today's fast-moving lifestyle, it is difficult to explain why, because home baking seems almost anachronistic. Perhaps it is the very pace of life that draws people to this luxuriously therapeutic and rewarding hobby. Whatever the reason, this title will become the bread-baking bible.
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Diana Bonaparte
W. Foulsham Company, Limited (UK)