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Marissa's Books & Gifts 9780760330739 Knit It Together: Patterns And Inspiration For Knitting Circles

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Knit It Together: Patterns And Inspiration For Knitting Circles

For as long as people have knitted, they have gathered to share their craft--and each other’s company. Knitting bees brought industrious colonists together to socialize. Knitters joined forces during the World Wars to knit warm socks for soldiers. And today the bond between knitters is as strong as ever, with knitting circles springing up in neighborhood coffee shops and community centers, making their way online, and taking up social causes. This book puts the knitting circle, with all its profit and pleasures, within reach of anyone who wants to Knit It Together. A delightful, practical resource for knitters hoping to start or join a circle, or for a knitting circle looking for patterns or inspiration, the book provides how-to tips as well as wonderful stories of knitting circles past and present--and best of all, a collection of patterns designed to be completed in a group. Long-time knitter and author Suzyn Jackson includes a brief history of community knitting groups and a list of charities that accept knitted items.

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Suzyn Jackson
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