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Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC 9781250090881 Disaster Diaries: Aliens!

Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC

Disaster Diaries: Aliens!

Sam, Arty and Emmie have just barely survived a recent zombie infestation when their sleepy little town of Sitting Duck finds itself the victim of an alien invasion! But unlike what you often see on television, the aliens are very small and very cute. How dangerous can they be? SPOILER ALERT: they're very dangerous. And when they disintegrate the mayor with their ray guns, it’s a complete disaster. It’s up to Sam, Arty and Emmie to save the day! Again. Let the total domination of the planet begin! This series from author R. McGeddon is a must for young readers who plan on surviving the highly probable alien invasion that should be happening somewhat soon-ish. Disaster Diaries: Aliens! offers helpful tips to survive this encounter. (Hint: Pretend you can’t see the alien and hope it goes away). In fact, your very life may depend on experiencing the laugh-out-loud hijinks and catastrophic escapades that can only be found in the town of Sitting Duck.
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R. Mcgeddon
December 31, 2015