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Marissa's Books & Gifts 9781631062575 Cooking with Flavor Bombs: Prep It, Freeze It, Drop It . . . Transform Dinner!

Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC

Cooking with Flavor Bombs: Prep It, Freeze It, Drop It . . . Transform Dinner!

Gardeners know Flavor Bombs. Chefs know Flavor Bombs. And now you, too, can learn the secret of Cooking with Flavor Bombs to make delicious, no-waste dinners! If you're tired of chopping fresh veggies and herbs night after night or throwing away extra produce, then it’s time to revolutionize your cooking with Flavor Bombs™! Flavor Bombs are incredible blends of savory, sautéed aromatics, fresh herbs, vegetables, and spices, or stocks and sauces that you make in advance and freeze in ice cube trays. So go ahead and take advantage of those fresh vegetable and herb specials at your local market! With the Flavor Bomb secret, you stock up, chop up, and drop the “F” Bomb in every dinner, for an instant flavor explosion. Discover how to make:Herb Pesto Bombs—rosemary, basil, sage, Tex-Mex, and chimichurriVegetable-Blend Bombs—umami, suppengrün, mirepoix, Spanish sofrito, Italian soffritto, Holy Trinity, and Indian curryStock and Sauce Bombs—béchamel sauce and beef, chicken and vegetable stocksCooking with Flavor Bombs is complete with essential step-by-step instructions plus delicious recipes to use your Flavor Bombs in, including:Spaghetti FrittataRoasted Pork LoinPot Pie with Guinness Stout and CheddarChicken Tikka MasalaAnd moreSo stop wasting time, money, and food, and start cooking with Flavor Bombs today!

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Giovannina Bellino
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