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Classic Treasury Fairy Stories is a bestselling fairy story book, full of magical fairy tales by well-known authors including Louisa M Alcott and E Nesbit. A perfect story time book to read to young kids or enjoyed independently by confident readers aged 7+. # Specially commissioned artwork and page decorations with every story to delight young readers.# Suitable for shared reading with young children or reading alone for confident readers.# With 384 pages, children will be occupied for many hours with a variety of stories from different eras and cultures.Synopsis - Product detailsKids will become mesmerised by the beautiful illustrations, encouraging an enthusiasm for reading. Every chapter is a collection of fairy stories, creating many fairylands for children to get lost in. Kids aged 7-10 can enter a magical land where fairies flutter among flowers, wishes come true and things are not always as the seem.Chapters and stories inside Classic Treasury Fairy Stories:# Enchantments chapter includes A Midsummer Night's Dream, retold by E Nesbit# Children and Fairies chapter includes Eva's Visit to Fairyland by Louisa M Alcott# Fairy Helpers chapter includes Farmer Mybrow and the Fairies by William H Barker# Magic and Mischief chapter includes The Fairy Fluffkins by Michael Fairless# Visitors to Fairyland chapter includes Bill Beg, Tom Beg, and the Fairies by Sophia Morrison# I Wish, I Wish chapter includes Christmas Every Day by W D HowellsAn extract from Eva's Visit to Fairyland: Down among the grass and fragrant clover lay little Eva by the brook-side, watching the bright waves, as they went singing by under the drooping flowers that grew on its banks. As she was wondering where the waters went, she heard a faint, low sound, like far-off music. She thought it was wind, but not a leaf was stirring, and soon through the rippling water came a strange little boat.

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