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Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC 9781419955181 Calendar Girls - Flavor Of The Month
Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC 9781419955181 Calendar Girls - Flavor Of The Month

Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC

Calendar Girls - Flavor Of The Month

Bret Haverston is flash enough to date centerfold models - Miss January to be specific. What could he possibly want with ordinary, size fourteen Callie Stamos? But what Callie doesn't know is that Bret is ready for more. He's ready for Miss February. Seven years ago, in high school, Bret asked Callie to the Valentine's Day Dance. Seven years ago, she turned him down. And for seven years, he's waited for a second chance at the girl who got away. Bret's not taking any more chances on Callie's love. He'll lie if he has to, cheat all the fates and steal her away for a romantic weekend - then tie her down if that's what it takes. One way or another, Bret's going to live out his long-awaited fantasy. And at the end of this Valentine's Day, he's marrying his Miss February. Calendar Girls - Miss December By Madison Hayes When Kansas awakens bound to a strange man's bed, she's not immediately alarmed. Violence, aggression and even passion have long since been bred out of humans. And yet, there's something about this tall, dark stranger holding her captive that makes Kansas feel. Ten generations of humans have been designed and produced in Uterine Labs. Born into this world populated with physically perfect humans, Kansas stands apart. Evidently something fell through the cracks when her DNA was arranged. She's too large-too tall, too wide. Her appearance as well as her tendency to question has labeled her an anomaly, a bit of a lab error, in her world. But when the Uterine Labs start to fail and human production is no longer possible, the world government hires contractors to find and "develop" those last few fertile humans capable of passion. The year is 2215 and Hardin is an agent working for one such high profile contractor. One look at the woman tied to his bed and he knows this woman was born to copulate. Under his mentorship, Hardin's project for December is about to get her first taste of passion.


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Madison Hayes
Ellora's Cave Publishing
December 31, 2005