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Marissa's Books & Gifts 9781609927080 Blow Your Nose, Big Bad Wolf!

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Blow Your Nose, Big Bad Wolf!

In Blow Your Nose, Big Bad Wolf!, the three little pigs learn a lesson about spreading germs. When they won't lend the wolf a tissue, their houses are blown down by his sneezes! And to make matters worse, they then catch his cold.

This series is a welcome addition for parents looking for picture books with a message. Focusing on personal well-being, QEB aims to intertwine your favorite classic fairy tales with a twist on health, hygiene and nutrition.

The Fairy Tales Gone Wrong series includes:

-Blow Your Nose, Big Bad Wolf

-Eat Your Greens, Goldilocks 

-Take a Bath, Cinderella

-Keep Running Gingerbread Man 

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Steve Smallman
QEB Publishing