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12 Months Of Faith

Teens have a lot of questions about God and faith, such as, Is God really there? Does He really care about my life? How should I pray? How can I know if God is listening or if He has anything to say to me? How do I know what plans He has for my life? This interactive journal is designed to help teens answer those questions and connect with our heavenly Father every day to gain a deeper understanding of what His Word says to them. 12 Months of Faith will teach teens these truths and more: How God's grace and promises apply to their lives 24/7 How to make God-directed decisions How to recognize sin and its deception in their lives The power of repentance and forgiveness How to bring God into their relationships Why we must sometimes experience sorrow and suffering How to make a godly impact on the world Based on twelve principles examined in each month of the year, 12 Months of Faith will guide teens through their own writing, daily prayer and scripture reflection, to a deeper relationship with God and discovery of who they really are.

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Bettie B. Youngs, Jennifer Youngs, Debbie Thurman
Faith Communications