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Day Job to Dream Job

Millions of people are squandering their talents and wasting their time in jobs they don't love. They feel trapped and dissatisfied, afraid to risk their financial security to pursue their dreams. But anyone can make the leap from day job to dream job--with the right amount of knowledge, encouragement, and guts. Author, life coach, and speaker Kary Oberbrunner shows readers how to launch their dream jobs and experience the freedom to go as they please, earn as they wish, and live as they like. His nine proven steps will help readers "jailbreak" from their day jobs without relying on an MBA, investors, or a lucky break. They'll will discover how to · overcome self-limiting beliefs that sabotage success · start lean and stay lean by ignoring conventional thinking · build a dream team of experts committed to their cause · carve out a niche and get noticed in a noisy world · market beforehand to create critical momentum · monetize a message to its full potential · achieve personal clarity, competence, and confidence · earn greater influence, impact, and income in the marketplace Through sharing his own story and the success of others who have followed his process, Kary shows readers that anyone can turn their passion into a full-time gig.

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Kary Oberbrunner
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