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Zion - National Park Tea
Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC T1064 Zion - National Park Tea
Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC T1064 Zion - National Park Tea

Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC

Zion - National Park Tea

The abundance of red rock and the flora found in Zion, such as desert lavender, sage, and elderberry, inspired us to create this bold blend. The deep red colored cup has a tantalizing aroma and brews to a creamy fruit and floral taste.

"One hardly knows just how to think of it. Never before has such a naked mountain of rock entered into our minds! Without a shred of disguise its transcendent form rises preeminent. There is almost nothing to compare to it…this Great Temple, [has the beauty] of eternity" - Frederick S. Dellenbaugh on introducing Zion Canyon to the nation.

While there are a variety of plants and herbs growing in Zion, there are not a lot of edible ones which made creating this blend challenging. The base "tea" for this blend was easy as I chose the herb Rooibos (red) to represent the red rock found everywhere in Zion. The pine trees at the park, which almost look out of place squeezing through the rocks to grow, inspired the addition of sage, an herb with a similar taste profile to pine, to the blend. Lavender flowers, an herb that thrives in sunny, hot desert (arid), rocky landscapes, were added for their woody, earthy and floral taste. To complete the blend, I added an elderberry flavor that brought the perfect amount of tart, sweet fruit taste to round out the herbal flavors. This simple yet savory blend brews to a deep red colored cup that has a tantalizing aroma and a creamy fruit and floral taste.

Ingredients: Rooibos, elderberry flavor, sage, lavender, and horsetail.

Brew tea at 212º - steep for 5 minutes.

Caffeine Free

4 Ounces of loose tea makes approximately 50 cups of tea.

Simpson and Vail DONATES 10% of all tea sales in this line to help preserve our beautiful National Parks. The percentage from Zion Tea sales goes to Zion National Park Forever Project, the official non-profit of the park.

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