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Chloe the Kitten, Bella the Bunny, and Paddy the Puppy 3-Book Bindup: 3 Books in 1, Plus Fun Activities Inside

Enter an enchanted world of fairy animal friends! You'll find three irresistible stories inside.In Chloe the Kitten . . .Chloe the Kitten meets a little mouse who is lost and afraid. Can Chloe help him find his way home?In Bella the Bunny . . .Bella the Bunny finds a surprise hiding inside a flower—Lexi the Ladybug! Lexi is sad because she looks different from the other ladybugs. Can Bella make her feel better?In Paddy the Puppy . . .Paddy the Puppy invites all his fairy animal friends to his birthday party. When he arrives home, he's in for a wonderful surprise!

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Lily Small
Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)